Trendy Thursday

Hey all! Here’s another addition to Trendy Thursday. Lately, I have been on a comfortable clothing streak so I found one that is both comfortable and stylish-what do you think?


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About krittie

My name is Kristi, my friends call me Krittie. I am a very outgoing and motivated person. I am also way too girly for my own good. Some people would call me an extreme-junkie, I try everything at least once. I have made many mistakes, but I have learned from them. I believe ice cream can heal everything and cheesecake is my fav. I use the word whateve all the time and can't get myself to just say whatever because it brings me back to Clueless. I am a pretty open person, if you want to know anything, just ask!
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2 Responses to Trendy Thursday

  1. Kathy says:

    LOVE this outfit

  2. Shannon says:

    How about adding a little color to it???

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